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Welcome the Weird But True website!


On this website you can learn new facts, see mentions, listen to episodes, send in an email or voice message, learn more about the podcast and its makers, and learn some weird but true stuff! 

Image by David Menidrey
Thanksgiving Dinner

episode 1 | food


Irma and Matilda dig into golden pizza, giant cookies and really old hotdogs! 

Listen to the episode here:

Image by NASA

episode 3 | natural disasters 

Matilda explains, ice quakes, one way spinning tornados and there is a special game show near the end of the episode!

listen here:

Episode 5 | planets

Matilda and Irma talk about why Venus spins backwards, Rocks from Mars and why Saturn has rings! 


episode 2 | birds 


Irma and Matilda talk about our feathered friends! Along with, granny Irma, Irma Rex and Irm bird and irmingo!

listen to the episode here:


Episode 4 | pets

Irma and Matilda explain why cats can’t eat candy and 43 year old fish.


listen to the episode here:

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